Year End Processing of Your Payments in e-banking
In order to ensure processing of payments in calendar year 2018, we recommend to submit them no later than December 27th 2018.
We cannot guaranty the execution of payments which are not completed and validated by 8 am on December 28th 2018.

Important Security Notice

Please pay attention to the information relating to security and check the address shown in the Internet browser in particular each time you access e-banking.
Depending on the browser used, the address line or part of it will be green. A padlock symbol will always appear to indicate a secure SSL connection and Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. will be shown as the certified remote station.
Further information is also available at e-banking but secure!

Never launch e-banking by clicking on a link sent by e-mail.
Bank CIC will never ask you by e-mail to click on a link in order to access e-banking, nor will it ever send an e-mail requesting you to enter your personal banking details.

If you have any further questions, our e-banking hotline will be happy to help under +41 (0)800 630 510 from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5.30 pm (except on public holidays).
Queries will not be answered from clients domiciled in the US.